Daimon Slayers

10,000 anime inspired NFT's

Each randomly generated

& Hand-Illustrated

Public sale: Live

0.06 ETH

Earth needs defending. We are under attack.

Over the past century, creatures known as “daimonas” from the previously unknown “dark dimension” have plagued ours and have begun to take over our world. They see us as an inferior species and intend to wipe us out. We are in a losing battle.

But there is hope. There are some of us who have been gifted with abilities to fight the daimonas - a way for our dimension to defend itself. We are known as “Daimon Slayers”, and there are only 10,000 of us in existence.

While we might be fewer in number, we must come together to put a stop to them. With our unique strengths and abilities, we each have a chance to put an end to the daimonas. There are rumors that a rare few have even been blessed with abilities similar to the daimonas, making them incredibly powerful.

There are only 10,000 Daimon Slayers in existence. Join us.


5,940 Fighters (59%)

Fighters are a common class of Daimon Slayers. They are bad ass and represent the people. They might not have the most advanced gear or clothing, but they sure look stylish as hell.

3,500 Warriors (35%)

Warriors are an uncommon class of Daimon Slayers. They have trained their entire lives, learning how to fight and protect those around them. It is easy to tell they can fight judging by their armored gear and clothing.

550 Guardians (6%)

Guardians are a rare class of Daimon Slayers. Gifted with daimonic-like abilities and traits from birth, they are somewhat "superhuman". Easily some of the most powerful beings in our dimension, let alone our planet.

10 Heroes (0.1%)

Heroes are super rare Daimon Slayers. They prefer to keep to themselves, and not much is known about them. For certain, they can easily defeat almost any daimon with ease. What can be said is that they are unlike any other Daimon Slayer in every single way - their appearance, their traits, and their special abilities...

There are over 100 attributes in multiple colors, including clothing, hair, accessories, head gear, special abilities and more.


How do I mint an NFT?

You'll need to have MetaMask set up in your browser (you can get it here). You'll also need a wallet with enough ETH in it for your transaction.

Click the 'MINT' button above and MetaMask will ask you to connect your wallet and pay for your mints.

How much do I need to pay?

Each mint costs 0.06 ETH plus gas fees (we know, gas fees SUCK), so if you want 3 mints, it's 0.18 ETH plus gas fees. Gas fees fluctuate a lot, especially during a drop. If you're on our whitelist, you'll be able to mint before the drop date.

How do I get added to the whitelist?

We'll host contests that you can enter for a chance to get added to the whitelist and be able to mint during the pre-sale. Being active in the community will give you much better chances! Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord for announcements!

When does the pre-sale start?

Thursday 7th October at 2pm UTC and will run until the public sale. Whitelisted members can choose any time during the pre-sale to mint, meaning they can choose a time when gas fees are low. There is no rush because whitelisted members are guaranteed to be able to mint the number they choose.

What's the maximum number I can mint?

10 per transaction but as many as you'd like in total! For the whitelist, it's 6 per account, and then the same as everyone else for the public sale.

When is the drop date (public sale)?

Monday 18th October at 2pm UTC.

When is the reveal date?

All mints will be revealed the following day after the drop date. It'll be epic!

Will I be able to view/sell my NFT on OpenSea?

Yes! Our collection is already on OpenSea.


0% Sold


Daimon Slayer whitelist and NFT giveaway contests begin. We want to reward our community by giving back to those who help us grow and spread the word about Daimon Slayers.

10% Sold


Daimon Slayers will be added to Rarity Sniper so all holders can easily check the rarities of their NFT's within discord.

50% Sold


"There cannot be light, without darkness"

Everyone who holds a Daimon Slayer NFT, will be able to mint an NFT of their enemy, a Daimon, for free.

At this stage of our roadmap, we will create an entire collection of daimonas. For every Daimon Slayer NFT that someone holds, they will be able to mint for free a Daimon NFT, so if you have 3, you can mint 3 for free. There will be 10,000 in the collection meaning that if we sell 100%, only holders of Daimon Slayers will have a Daimon NFT.

Now here's the interesting part. Our plan is to build the Daimon NFT collection on the Polygon network which represents the Daimonas existing in their dimension. This means the gas fees for minting are much lower than on Ethereum. What if you don't like them being on the Polygon network? You can easily bridge them across to the Ethereum network, on OpenSea for example. This would represent them invading our dimension, so you are in control over how many make the trip across dimensions.

We feel that this adds a completely new dynamic to our collection, both the current Daimon Slayers one, and our planned Daimon one. We hope you feel the same too!

75% Sold


Daimon Slayers merchandise designs begin. We want our community to be able to wear our artwork with pride! All holders of our Daimon Slayers NFTs will be able to order any items from our merchandise collection and just pay the cost and shipping. This will be for non-profit on our part, or if our community wishes to pay extra, all profits will be donated to a charity our community chooses by voting.

We will also host a merchandise design contest for our community where the winner will get their design added to our merchandise collection.

100% sold


Daimon Slayers game development begins. At this moment in time, we have a basic idea of how our game will operate, but will ask our community on what features and functionality they would like to be incorporated. Please note that none of this has yet been implemented in any way.

Our concept for the game is to make a turn-based role playing game (RPG). Each Daimon Slayer NFT would represent a character in the game and if you hold more than one in your account, they would become your team and you can play as each of them together. There would be a maximum limit of the number of simultaneously playable characters, e.g. 4, so that accounts with a large number wouldn't necessarily have a higher chance of winning by sheer numbers alone.

We have a lot of ideas and we're super excited to see how things develop!



Creator of Daimon Slayers


Community Relations


Community Relations